Planning for Success: The Business of Art
Presented by A. McLean Emenegger
Saturday November 12, 2016
Surel's Place, Boise, ID


The art market can be a crowded one, yet there is absolutely room for everyone. You just need to figure out where you fit in and create a plan for getting there. Being grounded in your art’s meaning, message and aim will guide your promotion, exhibition and audience development. Art is a business, and professional savviness coupled with good common sense will help you reach your career goals.

In this information-packed, half-day workshop, Artist Career Consultant and Art Advisor A. McLean Emenegger of McLean Art Projects, Los Angeles, CA will teach you the Business of Art Basics in order to take your career to the next level. Topics include:

  • Identifying your professional goals based on your work and personal and career aspirations: What is your art? What type of artist do you want to be? What do you want your art to do in the world?
  • Taking personal and professional inventory, as well as identifying what “success” means to you
  • Improving how you speak and write about your artwork
  • Audience identification and effective marketing and messaging practices
  • The “art of presentation” to best address your intended audience
  • Marketing methodologies and mechanisms for raising your visibility outside of Boise
  • Effectively using social media to reach and expand your audience base

NOVEMBER 11-14, 2016



  Winning Websites   
Presented by: Ceci Dadisman
Optimizing your website for your customer doesn't have to mean a complete redesign.  We'll take a look at data showing how people interact with websites as well as case studies of successful design to help you adjust your website for maximum usability.    You’ll also learn what Google Analytics data you should be looking at regularly to determine the efficacy of your website.
If you are planning to embark on a website design project, this session will give you a great place to start to build your site right from the beginning.  You'll walk away with useful knowledge and concrete takeaways that you can implement right away on your website.
  Engaging And Welcoming People With Disabilities To Our Arts Organizations
Presented by: Beth Prevor
The arts are for everyone and everyone is different. How we understand and respect each other's' difference is a priority of arts marketers. We often talk about our difference, our diversity by categories such as race, age, gender, social-economic status, sexual orientation, etc. More often than not, disability is the 'etc' on the diversity continuum. It's hidden, it's not to be talked about or discussed. Don't look, don't say the wrong thing. But it's OK to say disability. It's OK to ask questions, I'm disabled and I'm here to talk about disability.
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  WORKSHOP TITLE: The Art of Relevance: Mattering More to More People
LOCATION: Denver Arts & Venues, Denver, CO
NAMP Faculty: Nina Simon

Museum director and author Nina Simon conducted an interactive workshop on how you can make your work more relevant to the audiences and communities you seek to engage. Together, atte will explore the deep meaning of relevance—what it is, what it can do, how to measure it—and how relevance can fuel change to make your work more powerful and valuable. This workshop features rags-to-relevance case studies, honest conversation about conflict and culture change, specific tools you can use, and a bit of theory to ground it all.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Not All Marketing Dollars Are Created Equal … And That’s Okay
LOCATION: Laguna Beach, CA
NAMP Faculty:
Diana Wyenn
The National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) returnED to Laguna Beach to help attendees step away from the spreadsheet, assess the costs and effectiveness of their current systems, align strategies with objectives, and allocate funds with confidence. Uniquely tailored to address the challenges and concerns of the Laguna Beach arts & cultural community, this full-day, skill-building workshop armed attendees with real world strategies for creating or modifying an integrated marketing plan in order to maximize impact, minimize cost, and measure effectiveness—no matter budget size.
  WORKSHOP TITLE: Creating Diverse Audiences for Dynamic Community Engagement
NAMP FACULTY: Donna Wlaker-Kuhne

Attendees worked side-by-side with Vice President of Community Engagement for The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) Donna Walker-Kuhne in an interactive, workshop setting, hosted by the City of Raleigh, NC. Tailored to the arts and cultural organizations of Raleigh, this half-day provided the tools for achieving dynamic community engagement and explore strategies for engaging diverse communities. Attendees took action on their learnings by drafting their own strategic outlines and sharing them for feedback and analysis.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Building, Diversifying, and Sustaining New Audiences

NAMP FACULTY: Adam Thurman
DESCRIPTION:  Attendees worked side-by-side with Adam Thurman, Director of Marketing and Communications at Court Theatre (Chicago, IL) and President of Mission Paradox, in this hands on workshop to develop a framework that helped identify, invite and cultivate an audience in a way that reflects artistic and organizational values.


WORKSHOP TITLE: Data-Driven Marketing: Taking Santa Fe Audience Relationships to the Next Level

DESCRIPTION:  In this packed, day-long strategy session, international marketing consultant Ron Evans explored how marketing and technology create powerful leverage for cultural organizations to change patron behavior. Attendees expanded understanding of successful marketing tactics, connected and collaborated with colleagues, and took home an actionable plan for implementation at their organizations.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Reaching Audiences: If You Build Them, They Will Come
This full-day, interactive capacity-building workshop was led by Strategic Branding & Arts Marketing Professional Chris McLeod. The worskship was tailored specifically for arts and cultural organizations of Western New York. Arts professionals were provided with concrete strategies and tactics for increasing their capacity for marketing their art while engaging new audiences, regardless of artistic discipline and organizational budget size.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Culture Track 2.0: Strategies and Best Practices
LaPlaca Cohen built a workshop on developing audiences and insight-driven strategies for cultural organizations. Building on key themes that emerged from the Culture Track study (such as the decrease in memberships and subscriptions, and the relationship between culture and technology), the program explored critical shifts in audience behavior, investigating how findings relate to the Denver landscape and citing “best practice” examples for engaging audiences in innovative ways.


WORKSHOP TITLE: Audience Engagement in Three Acts: Audience Acquisition, Retention, and Diversification
LOCATION: Loudoun, Virginia
NAMP FACULTY: Anneliese M. DeDiemar
As arts marketers, acquiring new audiences while working to retain, engage, and diversify our current audiences is a challenging goal . This workshop was aimed at answering the following quesations: with continual increased direct and indirect competition, how does an arts organization best set itself apart from the crowd? How can we effectively attain new audiences and retain our audiences to build mutually-beneficial, sustainable relationships?  

WORKSHOP TITLE:  Marketing for Individual Artists: Marketing Strategies to Advance Your Career and Designing and Building Your Online Presence
LOCATION: Laguna Beach, CA
NAMP FACULTY: Ashley McLean Emenegger, founder of McLean Fine Art
DESCRIPTION: A group of established individual artist, as well as artist representatives, were given strategies to take their marketing practices and online presence to the next level. Topics included planning for effective career advancement, audience articulation and development and marketing essentials, expanding into your website and digital portfolio, social media, e-communications and e-commerce to ensure that audiences are communicating with artist on the right channels.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Creating Diverse Audiences for Dynamic Community Engagement
Donna Walker- Kuhne, VP of Community Engagement, NJPAC
DESCRIPTION: Dynamic community engagement is a critical component of expanding audiences for the arts. The process of engaging audiences is multifaceted and includes solid marketing skills framed with a clear understanding of diversity in its various definitions. The changing demographics of our country, immigration, and migration of world cultures requires that arts organizations develop and implement sophisticated ways to welcome new audiences in a sustainable way that enhances the cultural landscape of their community. Through a multicultural lens, innovative opportunities abound—how do we change our organizational practices to take advantage of them? Attendees worked side-by-side with Vice President of Community Engagement for The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) Donna Walker-Kuhne in this interactive, workshop.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Leveraging Social Media for Audience Acquisition and Engagement
LOCATION: Laguna Beach, CA
Linda Butler, Director of Marketing, SFMoMA
DESCRIPTION: In this NAMP workshop led by Linda Butler, Director of Marketing at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, attendees learned best practices for engaging younger audiences as well as the practical tools and implementable strategies for staying-ahead-of-the-marketing and audience engagement curve through the use of social media. Through case studies, attendees will learned how different arts organizations are leveraging social media to attract and retain new audiences. This workshop also provided participants with the necessary practical tactics for maximizing existing and emerging social media platforms for their own organizational needs.   


WORKSHOP TITLE:  Audience Segmentation & Analysis
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ceci Dadisman, Director of Communications at Palm Beach Opera
Audience Segmentation & Analysis served as a workshop aimed at understanding the changing digital landscape, web presence, digital audience analysis, and audience segmentation with the aim of educating local orgs on the importance of crafting a web strategy that fits each organization’s unique needs and goals.


WORKSHOP TITLE: Social Media 101 and 201
Dover, DE
NAMP FACULTY: Nella Vera, Group Director at Serino/Coyne
In Dover, Delaware NAMP hosted a mix of board members, to individual artists, to local arts agency representatives, to arts-discipline based administrators for two interactive Social Media Workshops, each 75-minutes in length. The workshops met the varied needs and skill levels of the attendees present.

  WORKSHOP TITLE: Audience Engagement Boot Camp
LOCATION: Columbus,  OH
Rachel Grossman, Ring Leader, dog & pony DC
DESCRIPTION: It's no wonder that arts leaders, marketers, and administrators are feeling unbalanced these days: we're undergoing a seismic cultural shift that is rocking the foundation our practices were established on. Audience expectations and engagement habits have been changing quickly alongside mobile phone models, making it feel impossible to keep up. Attendees explored the shift in participation culture from "sit back and watch" to "stand up and do" over the last few decades and how it intersects with the recent spike of "on demand" and "personalized" services. What are expectations in this world? How are arts organizations meeting them... and how are we fighting them? What are the values that underpin successful audience engagement?


WORKSHOP TITLE:  Audience Development, Arts Awareness, and Collaboration
Indianapolis, IN
Chris McLeod, Strategic Branding and Marketing Consultant
DESCRIPTION: The Arts Council of Indianapolis sought to identify and reach certain key demographics, particularly younger and older audiences. With NAMP’s guidance, participants devised solutions for the visibility of the arts.  Much like other cities, Indianapolis has a healthy arts scene with a variety of small and large organizations. But most people only know Indianapolis as a sports town.  NAMP and leaders in the state devised goals to make sure folks know about the amazing arts community and raise the visibility of the arts for all.


WORKSHOP TITLE:  Understanding the Changing Digital Landscape
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL
NAMP FACULTY: Ceci Dadisman, Director of Communications at Palm Beach Opera
DESCRIPTION: In an effort to help navigate the changing digital landscape, the Broward County Cultural Division enlisted the help of NAMP to create a workshop with training to help arts administrators find new audiences through web strategies that fit each organization’s unique needs and goals.


WORKSHOP TITLE:  Cultural Summit
Melbourne, FL
Meri Jenkins, Program Manager for Adams Arts Program/Cultural Districts Initiative
DESCRIPTION: In a summit provided to a diverse range of arts affiliates-including organizations, artist, and board members, the Brevard Cultural Alliance teamed up with NAMP to provide an environment for individuals crucial to the arts and culture scene in Melbourne Florida to celebrate and explore the economic influence arts has had on the region.

  WORKSHOP TITLE:  Chaos,  Order, and Innovation
LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
Amelia Northrup Simpson, Director of Strategic Communications at TRG ARTS & Laura Kakolewski, Manager for National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP)
DESCRIPTION: Do you thrive on structure and planning? Or relish the more spontaneous aspects of your work? These opposing principles were the focus of a session entitled "Chaos,  Order, and Innovation.” Being a successful arts entrepreneur means balancing a dedication to strategic planning with a matched excitement for improvising and deviating from  traditional structure


WORKSHOP TITLE:  Digital Marketing: Utilizing Google for Advertising and Funding
NAMP FACULTY: Jordan Silton, Director of SEO and Analytics for Relevance Advisors
DESCRIPTION: This workshop covered digital marketing, with a focus on online advertising strategies, Google grants/ad words, and best practices as these apply to the unique regional challenges of Augusta arts groups. Their mutual goal was to bring new visitors from surrounding areas to experience Augusta’s arts and culture.


WORKSHOP TITLE:  Marketing for the Individual Artist
St. Augustine, FL
NAMP FACULTY: Deborah Obalil, Executive Director for Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design
In-depth marketing training was provided to local individual artists. The arts are a critical part of St. Augustine’s appeal in attracting more tourism to the area and SJCC furthered support of local artists by building their skills in marketing themselves and their work since they are a critical part of the local arts landscape.


WORKSHOP TITLE:  A Map to Success: Crafting a Marketing Plan for Young Musicians
Evanston, WY
NAMP FACULTY: Nancy Hytone Leb, founder of Hytone Arts Management
Americans for the Arts addressed the need for training and assistance in developing marketing plans that suit the young musician's unique slate of programming. Nancy Hytone-Leb is a skilled practitioner who assisted young musicians in better understanding audience development and how they might better go about marketing to both local audiences and to tourists in neighboring cities like Salt Lake.