NAMP Basics | Half-day or full-day

NAMP Basics workshops give arts organizations the building blocks for a strong revenue generating strategy.  These workshops teach essential marketing skills that can benefit organizations of all sizes, art forms, and regions.  Peppered with best practices from around the country, attendees will come away familiar with new frameworks and approaches, ready to identify and solve their marketing and fundraising challenges.

NAMP Balance | 1 - 2 full days of training

NAMP Balance workshops focus learning on multiple topics or multiple levels over an extended period of time. This customized workshop series can offer beginner and advanced learning tracks or address many arts marketing topics. NAMP also can provide strategic organizational consulting with advanced marketers through this program. Balance the competing needs of your member organizations with this intensive, multifaceted learning opportunity.

NAMP Boot Camp | 8 day intensive training program

NAMP Boot Camp workshops provide the most comprehensive, rigorous training in arts marketing. Book Camps train key staff in an arts organization to collaborate on a long-term marketing approach and give the resources to complete it. Program attendees raise their skills to an advanced level and emerge at the end of the eight-day training with a savvy marketing plan. Boot Camps are very successful when paired with a local implementation funding program. Boot Camp attendees receive a complimentary copy of The Expert’s Guide to Marketing the Arts, edited by Julie Peeler and Deborah R. Popely (published by the Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts).