April 30, 2015 - 2:50pm

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In this episode, we visit Texas, talking with Robert Stein at the Dallas Museum of Art, about their DMA Friends program. This innovative points-based loyalty program rewards patrons for visiting and interacting with the museum's exhibitions. Robert describes the launch of the program, how it works, and reports on the success of the program to date. As of this podcast, the program has welcomed more than 100,000 members, with an average of 500-800 people signing up every weekly.


  • Robert Stein serves as the Deputy Director of the Dallas Museum of Art where he leads the staff and the DMA’s active programs of Education, Conservation, Marketing, Technology, and Research. In 2013, Stein managed the DMA’s transition from paid to free general admission and the simultaneous launch of an innovative free membership program called DMA Friends. DMA Friends strives to increase participation with the Museum through a novel loyalty scheme and generates meaningful data about museum participation that DMA staff can use to refine educational programming and public experience.
  • Ron Evans is the host of NAMPRadio, and is an arts marketing and technology consultant from Group of Minds in San Jose, CA.

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Thanks for asking those insightful questions during the above NAMP espisode, Ron. But I wanted to know a little more about the rewards and how a performing arts organization could utilize such a system, if at all. Many small to mid sized performing arts organizations don't have as many aspects to programming as museums do, hence it might be difficult to create a reward or exchange value system. Are any of the rewards external to the museum or are they all internal (ie. related to the museum services already provided)?

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