Playing in the Deep End of Audience Engagement

The inaugural year of Step it Up! Advancing Your Audience Engagement and Boosting Connectivity* may have been a smash hit, but there’s still more ground to cover! How can we boost our audience engagement further while effectively balancing resources, such as staff time, space, and dollars? How do know which tactics are most compelling and select the strongest choices to move forward with? And how do we measure our success, ensuring strong, sustainable futures for the art we create for our communities? Expert engagement strategists Rachel Grossman (dog & pony dc) and Melanie Harker (dog & pony dc) will work side-by-side with you to generate a cohesive, aligned engagement strategy that serves a diversity of audiences and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

*This preconference is a more advanced yet tactical version of last year’s preconference, Step it Up! It is suitable for both newcomers and returning attendees.

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The Psychology of Loyalty: Using Science and Technology to Encourage Repeat Behavior 

What is loyalty? By definition, loyalty is “a faithfulness or a devotion to a person, group, or cause.” Yet at its essence, loyalty is also an emotionally charged feeling that influences our actions. And when your patrons feel this about you and your brand, the impact can bring long-lasting results. Ron Evans (Group of Minds, CA) and Carol Jones (The Audience Agency, UK) will teach you the psychology of loyalty.Together, we will explore what science tells us about the mental processes and emotions involved in one’s sense of loyalty, and how we can apply these in an arts and cultural context. You’ll hear how to translate what the for-profit world is using into your nonprofit organization and you’ll walk away with the practical tools for applying these in the context of your work, ultimately encouraging your patrons to repeat behaviors in support of your organization.

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