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Copy and Design Clinic: Messaging That Speaks to Your Audience
Stephen Belth, Arts Marketing Network, Homestead, FL

Leveraging Local Governments for Arts Marketing Resources
Gregory Burbidge, Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta GA

From Responsive to Interactive: Engage Your Audience in the Mobile Moment
David Dombrosky, Instant Encore, Pittsburgh, PA

Building Audiences & Support Using the 4 C's: Connections, Community, Collaboration, Care
Shoshana Fanniza, Audience Development Specialists, Boulder, CO

So Many Feels: Building Emotional Relationships with Audiences through Storytelling
Mr. Charlie Jensen, Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Creating and pitching a social media strategy & style guide to top leadership
Julia Malta-Weingard, The New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Inking The Right Deal: demystifying web, CRM, ticketing, and email marketing RFPs
Drew McManus, Venture Industries Online, Chicago, IL

Designing Audience Surveys with Purpose
Surale Phillips, DSP Research, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Digital, Print, Direct Mail, Facebook:  How to allocate?
Joel D. Rainville, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Chanhassen, MN

Do You Hear the People Click? Join the Programmatic Revolution & Make Your Digital Marketing Les(s) Miserable
Bill Updegraff Grapeseed Media, New York, NY


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