Hot Off the Press! Scientific American Highlights #NAMPC Keynote Miral Kotb

iLuminate on Wendy Williams from iLuminate on Vimeo.

Scientific American featured iLuminate's recent show, Artist of Light. iLuminate, a company founded by #NAMPC 2016 Keynote Miral Kotb, mixes dance, light, and computerized timing to create a unique amalgam of illusory perception. Imagine that all the neon in Times Square got together and performed Stomp. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE.


Take a Deep-Dive on November 11th. Choose From:

The Sprinting Sessions: A Workshop on Arts Marketing, Change, and the Connection Economy
For arts leaders who are ready to step away from the day-to-day grind of marketing a single artistic product. You'll blaze through a series of activities that allow for exponential growth within your organization.

Relevance: Breaking through the Buzz to Build Meaningful Change
Led by Museum Power duo Nina Simon and Elise Granata (Santa Cruz, CA), explore the deep meaning of relevance—what it is, what it can do, how to measure it—and how relevance can fuel change to make your work more powerful and valuable.



Chris Denson
Award-Winning Innovator
Director, Ignition Factory, Omnicom Media Group
Creator and Host, Innovation Crush
Los Angeles, CA

Chris Denson’s,award-winning career has spanned marketing, media, technology integration, and product innovation. He is the Director of Innovation for Omnicom Media Group (OMG), and heads up OMG's Ignition factory, the key group responsible for emerging innovations. Chris also hosts Innovation Crush, and interview series with more than 700K subscribers.

Chris will wrap up #NAMPC 2016 in series of interconnected personal stories: how does creativity and technological innovations impact the every-day decisions we make in life and in business? His Keynote, “6 Degrees of Connection,” Denson will explore  bio- hacking to social memes, virtual reality, and mobile design thinking, showing  that there are myriad ways marketers can connect to consumers and fuel how consumers connect to one another.

“No matter what level of success you obtain, whether you’re just setting out or if you’ve been doing something for thirty years, there’s always a new plateau, there’s always a new avenue to explore, there’s always some form of growth opportunity; either one you’re dead set on and looking at or one that you don’t see, and so I like to help bridge that gap… There’s always at least one road you can take that no one else is thinking of taking”-  Chris Denson

The Closing Keynote will be webcast live on the Americans for the Arts Youtube Channel.