16th Annual National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) Conference
Austin, Texas. November 11-14, 2016

Across the nation, arts organizations and the communities they serve are in a constant state of evolution. As arts marketers, how do we successfully maintain organizational relevance while building sustainability in our rapidly changing world? How can we meet change with a responsive, creative, and flexible approach? How can we capitalize on change to fuel inventive and unconventional thinking, forward-thinking solutions, and a willingness to experiment?

With continuous shifting trends in the landscape of arts marketing and audience engagement, arts organizations must go beyond “embracing” change. Instead, we need to desire change, seek it out, work for it, and invest in it; we need to Fuel the Change.

Exciting results await for arts organizations that fuel change within their organizations and communities. Join 650+ arts marketers in Austin this November to find out where the change is heading and learn the strategies and tactics for adapting to meet the demand.




See the 2015 wrap-up page: View Presenter Slides, Keynote Presentations, Blogs, Photos, Storify’s, and more!


Sneak Peak! Inside look at #NAMPC 2016!

09/27/2016 - 2:23pm


Across the United States, arts marketers help bring the transformative power of the arts to their communities. Every day you make good things happen in a world that needs more good.

This year's National Arts Marketing Project Conference focuses on positive change. Be a part of a community of more than 650 arts marketers coming together for networking, professional development, and discussion with 100 speakers and 30+ sessions in Austin, TX this November 11–14.

October 28 is the last day to register online. You have one month, move fast! If you do more than blink, you’re going to miss out on the chance to register in advance.