See You in Salt Lake City!

For 15+ years, NAMP has assembled arts markets and industry experts like you to challenge and learn from one another. It’s a conference tailor-made for you—the kind you’d dream up yourself. We invite you to join this tight knit group November 6-9, 2015 in Salt Lake City for an experience that will help your organization—and your career—take off. INSIGHTFUL. COLLABORATIVE. PROVOCATIVE. FUN.

Did you know? 97% of attendees reported that they learned something new that they can apply right away!
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Check Out Salt Lake City's Artistic Flavor!

10/02/2015 - 4:44pm

There is a lot  happening in Salt Lake City! Theater, dance, music, visual arts, and stunning mountains with outdoor activities populate this year's host city year round! The Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel, the home of the 2015 NAMP Conference, is only a short walking distance from some of the city’s most popular tourist  attractions. From the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMoCA),  to historic Temple Square, to the stunning Salt Lake City Public Library, the hardest part about planning your trip will be narrowing down your options, which range from the weird and unusual to the beautiful and exhilarating. Register for NAMPC today!

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